Treat yourself or a Blaze fan close to you to an unforgettable experience on a match-night.

The ceremonial puck drop is a longstanding ritual of ice hockey in which a 'guest of honor' drops a puck to mark the end of pre-game festivities and the start of the game.

For the price of £50, you or a loved one can carry out this ceremonial puck drop, on the ice with both Captain's (or a Blaze player of your choice).

The package includes:

  • Ceremonial puck to keep.
  • A4 printed photo of the puck drop (if requested, this can be signed by the player and additional copies can be ordered for an extra £5.00 each and the photo can be upgraded to a canvas print for an additional £15.00 per copy).
  • Before the puck drop, an invite to get up close and personal to the action by watching the warm-up from the Blaze bench.

You can also upgrade this package to include a post-game dressing room to meet the players, get photos and autographs. 

Puck drop + dressing room visit price: £75 

To book, please call the Blaze office on 02477 719919 (Monday to Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm). 
If you have any queries, please feel free to email us 

Puck Drop Package Testimonials

"Massive thank you for arranging for my Daughter to drop the puck on Saturday night. I'd like you to pass on our thanks to all of your staff who gave so generously their time. Everybody we met treated us so well and it was fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes and of course to meet the players. Darcy is telling everybody what a brilliant time she had and how nice you guys are. Once again, huge thanks to all. You made a little girl very happy."

Ian Buick who booked a puck drop package for Daughter Darcy.

"We purchased this package for Christmas for our Daughter which after she said was her favourite present! It was great to see her face when she spent time talking to the players in the changing room also getting photos and autographs. The dressing room visit was a good experience, there's lots more that goes on than we all thought. overall a great experience not just for a present! I would highly recommend, Poppy has already asked to do it again for her birthday!!"

Anthony McKinlay booked a puck drop package for Daughter Poppy.

We did the puck drop as a birthday treat for our 7 year-old who enjoyed every minute. If you are looking for a present out of the ordinary for anyone no matter their age, it is well worth it. The tour, the players and managers make it an experience to remember for any occasion. 

Paula McCartney who bookd a puck drop package for her Son James